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World Of Twist / Interview by Bob Stanley / Melody Maker 1990

Melody Maker - August 18 1990

World Of Twist

MOST enigmatic and downright peculiar of the 1990 Manchester shockwave are World Of Twist. All they have in common with their Manc contemporaries is that they write great, foot-shuffling pop songs. Otherwise they are shrouded in mystery. Some rumours say they've only been around since last Christmas, others say six years. Rarely spotted on a stage, the only concrete proof that they exist has been a photo in The Face with the group standing outside a church dressed in full wedding gear, and the beautiful electro bopper "The Storm" on SheerJoy's "Home" compilation.

Finally traced to a Stockport studio where they're recording their debut single for Circa, World Of Twist turn out to be just four in number: Tony Ogden (singer), Julia M Seashells (sea noises), Gordon King (guitar embellishments) and Adge (visual effects).

Says Tony: "Before World Of Twist became our lives l worked in a timber yard, Adge was in the Army, Gordon was best boy on a film set, and Julia was a beauty therapist. She still is but she's retiring soon. We've been writing songs for four years now - we'd had the usual guitar/bass/drums set up, but we're lazy so we got in to computers. We didn't need to worry about people not turning up after that, we could just get the computers to play for us."

The single, out in late September, will be a stronger remake of "The Storm", a sad little song with an irresistible rhythm track that reflects Tony and Gordon's love of Northern soul . Even in demo form, the song has already been a huge hit in the better Manchester clubs. On the flip will be a cover of The Rolling Stones' "She's A Rainbow" - without a Soul II Soul drum pattern, natch.

"'She's A Rainbow' is the prettiest song I've ever heard. It's got a brilliant string arrangement and it's a bit trashy as well. I used to play 'Satanic Majesties' all the time. They're such nobheads now but the music, was brilliant, you can't deny it. I'm quite pleased with the way ours has come out. We've made it even prettier."

Okay Tone what was behind that infamous wedding photo?

"We all felt like getting married at the time, cos none of us are. So we thought we'd pretend to have a wedding, a dry run, just to see what it was like. And it worked cos none of us want to get married anymore. I mean, you've got to watch it when you start feeling like that. I do feel like getting married, occasionally. To anyone. I can see myself getting married quite a few times."

Guitar man Gordon has often been spotted skulking around church halls - he used to DJ at Northern soul clubs in Manchester, but now sticks to doing wedding receptions.

"I've got quite a selection of Northern stuff - my favourites, ones that spring to mind, are Johnny Vanelli's 'Seven Days Of Loving You' and Jerry Jackson's 'It's Rough Out There' . If you're planning to get married just give us a ring. I'm your man."

World Of Twist gigs are rare, but impressive events. There can be up to 10 Twisters on stage at any one time, while Adge mans an impressive slide show of "wildlife, just bits of the 20th century". What really breaks the ice is a revolving windmill with four inflatable heads, one of each group member. Where did they get the inspiration for such a strange set-up? From going around in a gang, going everywhere together.

"We're out every night," says Tony, "All of us. Every night, without fail, we're at The Hacienda. Either there or the pub."

With such gems up their sleeve as the harpsichord-laden "Spring" and the Northern pulse beat of "Blackpool Tower", World Of Twist will be massive. Lose your techno-fear, now!

Bob Stanley

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