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World Of Twist / Interview by Mandi James / ID Magazine 1990

ID Magazine - No 82 - July 1990

World Of Twist - Flared Up

"I was born in the thinnest house in England." "All his brothers had to leave when they got too fat." Now that's the kind of opening I like to a conversation - twisted. Tony Ogden, thin man, manic laugh, and Gordon, shy, retiring guitarist, are the brains behind a madcap scheme. It's called World Of Twist; it's distorted pop music as we know it, concocted from sticky black plastic, kitsch melodrama, kinky rhythms and, erm, rotating psychedelic heads.

Somebody once said that what the World Of Twist don't know about technology can be written on the back of a microchip. "That was a really nice thing to say that," laughs Tony, "but complete bollocks. Our gear's dead old and we haven't even got a sampler. But with the crap gear we've got we've managed to get a really good sound." Actually, World Of Twist would like to talk about anything other than music, they're not too comfortable selling themselves to complete strangers. Everyone ignored them for years, until they stumbled on 'The Storm', three minutes of pure pop magic.

Swamped by bold, brilliant ideas and blessed with a fluorescent maverick streak, World Of Twist are streets ahead of your average dullard band. But just don't mention the '60s. "No way, I never said that, not me," squawks Tony. "That's nothing to do with us, no way - we don't sound '60s at all." The thought never crossed my mind, except that if 'The Storm' had been released 25 years ago, it would have been the ideal soundtrack for 'The Avengers'. But back to more important matters.

"I've got flares," pipes up Gordon from behind his fringe. "I've got all the range of trousers. Ice skating ones, the lot. Jeans are a bit tatty. People should get into nice Terylene ones. It's not about being tacky, it's about being smart." World Of Twist - sad trousers, no confidence, tongue firmly in chic. Smart band.

Mandi James

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