Wednesday, 2 October 2013

World Of Twist MK1 / Wigwam (Demos 1984/85)

World of Twist - 1984/85 - Demos

Notes by Dr Hand

Long before "Madchester", Sheffield gave birth to The World of Twist. The original line-up consisted of Jim Fry (Vocals, Wasp Synth), Gordon King (Guitar, Casio MT32), Tony Ogden (Drums), Rory Connelly (Saxophone) and Andy Robins (Keyboards & Synthesisers). A later line-up lost Andy Robins but gained Andy Hobson (Bass) and Nick Phillips (Keyboards)... Ah, bass at last!

These 4/8 track demos are a mixed bag from 1984/85, and just before The Sausage/Skidding Into Love and Space Rock-It were recorded (but not released until 1992).

These recording were hoarded away on a TDK C90 Cassette for 28 years. Almost neglected and covered in dust, I was able to find a cassette player capable of playing back Dolby and "Chrome" tapes at some old car boot sale (I was also lucky enough to find a very useful Pineapple shaped Ice bucket). I've done my best, but please forgive the occasional drop-out.

Enjoy, but please do not expect Quality Street MK1 - W.O.T was a different beast then.

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