Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Quality Street / Review by John Robb / Volume - Two 1990

Volume - Two, late 1991, reviewer: John Robb

WORLD OF TWIST 'Quality Street' (Circa CIRCA 17)

AS kitsch and cool as you would have prayed for, World Of Twist's debut album covers all the pop bases at once, with a width and depth only hinted at by their singles.  Stitching a tapestry that is steeped in their post-teen love of all things trivial in pop and media.  'Quality Street' is a detailed flight of fantasy, revolving around the frantic idea-spiel and melodic gems of Tony Ogdon's pop-strewn brain.  'Quality Street' flits from northern soul to '60s 'Nuggets'-style psyche pop, from glam rock to tacky disco, from early '80s electro to just about anywhere.  A state of the art record for 1991, all reference points chewed up and spat out. Fab.


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