Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Storm / Single of The Week / NME 1990

NME - The Storm - 10 November 1990

Single of The Week

Having been delayed for about a month, the long-awaited debut single by World of Twist, a re-recording of the track they gave to the Manc compilation 'Home'. To fill you in further: WOT are how Teardrop Explodes would sound if they were starting out today. They have that classic, intuitive sense for what makes a good melody - but they blend it with a shifting, dance-vibe suss.

This is a dramatic, open piece of Pop with a hint of tackiness and a vast streak of Manc madness. The best eccentric (and commercial) group since James, or the Teardrops or XTC, *when they were alive*. 'The Storm', a brooding, haunting A side with sifting, wispy keyboards, comes coupled with the Very English Stones' cover 'She's like A Rainbow'. In both cases the outlook is extremely bright. Cheap, down to earth glam-dancing.

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