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The Storm by World of Twist (1990)

1st Single
Release Date: 15 November 1990 Chart Position: #42

7" Single - YR 55
  • 1. The Storm (7" Version)
  • 2. She's A Rainbow (7" Version)

Cassette - YRC 55
  • 1. The Storm (7" Version) 3:23
  • 2. She's A Rainbow (7" Version) 4:20

12" Single - YRT 55
  • A1. The Storm (12" Version) 6:30
  • A2. She's A Rainbow (7" Version) 4:20
  • B1. She's A Rainbow (12" Version) 5:02
  • B2. The Storm (7" Version) 3:23

12" Single version 2 - YRTX 55 (sleeve art poster included)
  • A1. Backpool Tower Suite 10:24
  • B1. The Storm (12" Edit) 4:47
  • B2. She's A Rainbow (7" Version) 4:20

Compact Disc - YRCD 55
  • 1. The Storm (7" Version) 3:27
  • 2. The Storm (12" Version) 6:33
  • 3. She's A Rainbow (7" Version) 4:20
  • 4. She's A Rainbow (12" Version) 5:10

Production Credits

The Storm (7" / 12" Version)
Produced by Cliff Bridgen.
Engineered by Hugo Nicholson

She's A Rainbow (7" Version)
Produced by Martin Hannett and World Of Twist.
Engineered by Liam Mullan

She's A Rainbow (12" Version)
Produced by Martin Hannett and World Of Twist.
Engineered by Jon Pennington and Spencer Birtwistle.

Blackpool Tower Suite
Produced by World of Twist.
Engineered by Jonathan Barret.
Mixed by Richard Scott

The Storm / Blackpool Tower Suite written by Tony Odgen and Gordon King
She's A Rainbow written by Mike Jagger and Keith Richards

Video The video was filmed upstairs above Dry Bar Manchester. It was directed by Angela Reilly. You can see it here.


Drums on The Storm by Monti.

Both tracks were recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport. She's A Rainbow was one of the last productions by Martin Hannett (31 May 1948 – 10 April 1991).

The Storm first appeared on the 'Home' Manchester compilation a couple of months before it was released as a single.

The inner sleeve for the 12" contains an epic list of 'thanks' - Adge, Barry Aston, Baz Barrett, Sabahat Bashir, Andrew Berry, Cath Berry, Adam Best, Spencer Birtwistle, Len Bisham, Dave Booth, Shirley Brassington, Cliff Brigden, Paul Brotherton, Sue Buckley, Terry Christian, Sunny Day, Tony Deal, Wayne Dorrell, Neil Drabble, Simon Dudfield, Sam Durrant, Caroline Elleray, Mark Elleray, Stewart Every, Gillian Fielden, Lindsay Fricker, James Fry, Simon Green, Dani Griffiths, Tim Gudgeon, Martin Hannett, Dave Harding, Julie Hardy, Mike Hardy, Keith Hartley, Simon Head, Lorraine Heywood, Andy Hobson, Steve Horsfall, John Kennedy, Jackie Kenny, Gordon King, Ted Lee, Harvey Leonard, Maire McCarthy, Quentin McDonald, Ian McGregor, Gordon Mackay, Chris Mannis, Tony Michaeledes, Martin Mittler, Liam Mullan, Hugo Nicholson, Jackie O'Malley, Tony Ogden, John Pennington, Pincey, Raffs, Adi Reeves, Angela Riley, Marc Riley, John Robb, Robbo, Adam Rockingham, Jon Ronson, Nick Sanderson, Richard Scott, M.C Shells, Pete Smith, Tina Some, Stella, Russell Stone, Mike Timoney, Ross Tynan, Voodoo Viv, Chris Whitehead, Reg Wood, Jose Wright, Martin Wright

She's Like a Rainbow was the first of three cover versions World of Twist released on record. The Rolling Stones original appears on the 1967 'Their Satanic Majesties Request'.

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