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Quality Street / Review by Dave Henderson / Q Magazine 1991

Q Magazine - October 1991

Quality Street

To World Of Twist's eternal credit, they haven't simply fallen into the Northern penchant for danceorientated lads' music. Instead, this amalgam of Sheffield and Manchester folk have taken an eclectic trip through showbiz history and combined the swirling Moog sound of everyone from Hawkwind to Psychedelic Shack-period Temptations, added a fair smattering of psychedelically-honed guitar, the orchestral wavering of a thousand film scores and an uptempo beat. Central to this strangely contemporary stew is a state-of-the-larynx vocal from Tony Ogden, which is underplayed and at times a bit too undynamic. But there are highlights as World Of Twist's art school groove places them in a musical relationship with Electronic, much as Deaf School were with Roxy Music. Quality Street and its tongue-in-cheek humour survives through its musical inventiveness. Whether that's enough to carry them to a wider audience is debatable, though it's not by any means impossible.

Dave Henderson

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