Friday, 11 October 2013

Manchester, England by Dave Haslam

From the book 'Manchester, England: The Story of the pop cult city' (1999)
by Dave Haslam

"Modism has always been strong in the North West, and it provided the foundations for the Northern Soul scene (strong from the early 1970s onwards) . Ian Brown of the Stone Roses, in, his youth, was a member of a scooter club. I remember a mod renaissance in Manchester in 1984 at Cloud 9, a basement club on Cross Street; on a Saturday afternoon there'd be scooters parked up on Newmarket Lane - just up the road from Spin Inn's first shop - and down Back Pool Fold near the original Geese, and the strains of Dobie Gray's 'Out On The Floor' and Ramsey Lewis's 'Wade In The Water' could be heard above the Cross Street traffic. World of Twist, before they even got together to make music, were a mod-influenced bunch of lads who worked in Affleck's Palace and launched a very short-lived but spot-on club night in 1986 called 'World of Music'. Perhaps if the press had picked up on these connections, the city could have found itself being dubbed Modchester." (page 98)

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