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Quality Street by World Of Twist (1991)

Released: 28 October 1991
Chart Position: #50

12" Vinyl with Gatefold Sleeve (CIRLP 17)
Cassette (CIRMC 17)
  • 1. Lose My Way
  • 2. Sons Of The Stage
  • 3. This Too Shall Pass Away
  • 4. Jellybaby
  • 5. Speed Wine
  • 6. The Lights
  • 7. On The Scene
  • 8. Sweets
  • 9. The Spring
  • 10. The Storm
  • 11. She's A Rainbow (CD Only
  • 12. Life And Death (CD Only)

Production Notes
Lose My Way
This Too Shall Pass Away
Speed Wine
The Lights
The Spring
Produced by Dave Ball and Richard Norris (The Grid)
Recording Engineer: Nick Hopkins
Mix Engineer: Richard Evens

Sons Of The Stage
The Storm
Produced by Cliff Bridgen
Additional Production and Mix by Dave Ball and Richard Norris (The Grid)

On The Scene
Produced and Mixed by Martin Moscrop
Engineered by Tim Oliver
Programmed by Peter Smith and Liam Mullan

She's A Rainbow
Produced by Martin Hannett and World Of Twist
Engineered by Liam Mullan

Life And Death
Produced and Mixed by Cliff Bridgen
Engineered by Steve 'Barney' Chase

All Tracks
written by Tony Ogden and Gordon King

This Too Shall Pass Away written by Howard Blaikley
She's A Rainbow written by Mike Jagger and Keith Richards
Life and Death written by D Baldwin, W Nelson and P Stewart


Tony Ogden on the album "We had an amazing time. We wanted to make the greatest psychedelic dance rock album ever and there was a lot of coke and E in the studio. But the album came out at half normal volume. We'd spent £250,000 making an album with the smallest bollocks in pop history! The band just fell apart. We were smoking marijuana for breakfast and that led to communication problems. I didn't wanna sing, the guitarist didn't wanna play. When the company didn't get a hit they threw us in the bin. I was devastated - I spent four years on smack watching Third Reich movies because the good guys always win. I'm really sorry for letting our fans down. But I'd ask anyone to play that World of Twist album 20 times with every dial on full. If it doesn't rock, come and smash it over my head." - The Guardian, 28 Jan 2005.

Gordon King on the recording. "We recorded the album at Real World, Peter Gabriel's studio. And he's a classic case of a man who's lost touch with reality. The title of the studio's so ironic. He was a childhood idol of me and Nick, and we were dead keen to meet him. But he was really shy. Worse thing is, he makes such strenuous efforts to stay in contact with the real world. It's almost touching. Like he kept making cups of tea for everybody in the whole room. It's little gestures like that, where he's trying to say 'I am normal'."

MC Shells & Cath Berry are the uncredited backing vocals on Jellybaby.

The photos for the sleeve were taken in The Pantiles part of Tunbridge well. The idea was to echo the 1970s design of the tins for Quality Street sweets.

The original CD pressing came with a 12 page booklet containing more Victorian photos.

She's Like a Rainbow was originally recorded by The Rolling Stones. It appears on the 1967 album 'Their Satanic Majesties Request'.

Life And Death was originally recorded by Chairman Of The Board in 1979.

This Too Shall Pass Away was originally recorded by The Honeycombs in 1964.

You can hear the originals to all songs on this page.

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