Sunday, 6 October 2013

World Of Twist / Article by Simon Dudfield / The Face 1990

The Face Magazine - July 1990


"We're not going for a house market and we're not crossover," they say, which is strange because their music is perhaps the best and most danceable of all the new bands. Sometimes eight strong, sometimes four, they "have nothing in common with the rest of the bands". Because they're more refined while still as unruly, psychedelic and funky, who knows? One thing is for sure, I don't believe that "Spring" is just about having a nice time in the spring. "You can live your life like a submarine/it's time to emerge to get on the scene/everybody's walkin 'round and nothing seems to get them down/the world goes round and it turns into the spring/Maybe you can catch the vibe and ride it to the summertime/you don't know why but it's changing everything." Make up your own mind what they're on about. "The Storm" is released on the "Home" compilation album, which also features Rig and Paris Angels, but is being sold purely on the interest of that one track. Their demo tape is the best of the lot and if you're thinking about checking out one band, make it these.

Simon Dudfield

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